Surf: What Do We Do With Your Data?

Surf: What Do We Do With Your Data?

Jack Lavorato

October 6, 2022

We sell your data. Can we end the blog there? No, of course not because that sounds scary.

Let me explain what I mean by selling your data and why this is actually a positive thing for you. We package your data with others in a similar demographic, anonymize it, filter it a few more times to ensure maximum privacy, and then we compensate you for it. That doesn’t sound so scary now does it?

What do we specifically collect

Simply put, we collect your browsing data. When you sign up for Surf we ask you a few questions that only take you a few minutes to complete. We ask for your age, approximate location, and gender. That’s it. No email required. No name. We will then collect your browsing history, but ONLY the browsing history that you let us collect. If you feel uncomfortable with a few websites your dog visited on your computer, then by all means, delete it!

How we protect your data

Surf doesn’t collect any personal identifiable information, we don’t collect your name, and we group your data points with others in your demographic. One of our core values is privacy, and we believe all the data we collect should and will be anonymized. We want to collect ethical data that is opt-in only. We don’t want to be like others, we protect your data and we are fighting for you to get compensated for that. Finally, we are 100% transparent on the collection of your data.

What does this data look like when we sell it?

Because we group your data with others, the data point IS NOT “John Doe visited this website at 2:52 am at 123 boulevard”. I hate to break it to you, but that one singular data point isn’t worth anything. It’s not special. I said IT, not you. If you have Surf you are very special. The data that is sold in this format: “a popular publication for males aged 18-24 in Los Angeles is ____.” That’s not scary at all is it? We sell this data so we can reward you for the valuable commodity you rightfully own. The value falls right back into your hands.

In Conclusion,

Yes, Surf sells your data. We also make it anonymous and get your permission. We also have your best interest in mind and want you to be rewarded for your data. Surf is fighting for the consumer that was previously having this data stolen instead of given. If you still don’t trust Surf that’s okay we’ll grow on you over time, also have fun not getting rewarded for your everyday browsing.

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