Scalable Opt-in consumer data

Surf Giveaways makes it easy to compliantly capture your customers emails and phone numbers so you can retarget for future campaigns.

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G FUEL has experienced substantial revenue growth over the past year, and Surf Giveaways has been an integral part of our strategy. We know that the people who enter a G FUEL giveaway are interested in our products, and Surf Giveaways helps us retarget these people for effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

Cliff Morgan

Founder & CEO of GFUEL

Grow Your Mailing List

With email as an entry method, you can grow your subscriber base with ease.

Build Your Texting List

With SMS open rates of over 90%, growing your texting list is a key to success for any brand in 2024.

Easy Lead Generation

To enable personalization in your retargeting efforts, we offer the ability to collect user information like first and last name as entry methods.

GDPR / CCPA Compliant

Surf Giveaways is compliant with data collection regulations in over 60 regions around the world, including with GDPR and CCPA.

Customer Sentiment

With a built-in Typeform integration, Surf Giveaways makes it easy to collect user feedback and get a pulse on your target audience.

Real Time Reporting

Get an up to date breakdown of your most popular entry methods, total participants, impressions, and more.

G FUEL Ads Over 50K Emails

G FUEL, the official energy drink of esports, activated a campaign with Surf Giveaways with the objective of converting participants into paying customers using discount codes.