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In a hyper-competitive social landscape Surf Giveaways makes it easy to drive viral growth to your social profiles that matter most.

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Working with Surf Giveaways is a breeze. Their amazing customer service, intuitive marketing services, and talented staff make growing your brand and engaging with your supporters easier than ever. We were able to grow our social media presence exponentially in a matter of days thanks to Surf Giveaways services. I recommend Surf Giveaways to any company, big or small, that is looking to get to the next level.


Influencer Talent Coordinator, Sinai Health

Viral Growth

Supercharge your online presence with social follows as an entry method — boost your followers, engagement, influence and more.

Available on All Major Platforms

With functionality across major social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch, you can drive growth on the channels that matter most to you.

Compliance Solved

Our platform autogenerates sweepstakes rules to ensure you’re compliant on every platform and in over 60 regions around the world.

Real Time Reporting

Get an up to date breakdown of your most popular entry methods, total participants, impressions, and more.

Bud Light Doubles their following

Looking to grow their follower count on Twitch and drive viewership to their original content, Bud Light teamed up with Surf Giveaways for a 6-month campaign.