Playr is Now: Surf Giveaways!

The Name is Changing, but the Games Sure Aren’t!

If you’ve paid any attention whatsoever to us in the last few months, this rebrand will likely come as no surprise to you. In late September 2021, we launched Surf, the browser extension that passively rewards you for browsing the Internet like normal. Now with nearly 60,000 users happily reaping the rewards of Surf, we thought it best to align everything under our fast-growing browser extension. Last month, in an effort to do this, we rebranded Trufan to Surf for Brands. With that successful rebrand in mind, we’re happy to announce that PLAYR will now be known as Surf Giveaways!

So what can current users expect from this rebrand to Surf Giveaways? The platform will still offer AWESOME giveaways that are free to enter. We will continue to host giveaways with well-known brands you know and love. Coming soon, we’ve got even MORE brands and incredible giveaways for users to enter - and entering will be easier than ever before… 

Want to win awesome, FREE prizes? Visit Surf Giveaways to see what current giveaways are running. Are you an influencer interested in running a giveaway to build your social following? Check out how you can create a giveaway here! Are you an enterprise company hoping to activate your audience? We’d love to chat! Email to learn more about how running a giveaway can help your brand today!

Don’t forget to download Surf! Start getting rewarded for what you’re already doing.