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Pro Plan



Advanced plan for mid-level businesses and entrepreneurs. Includes:

  • 3 Users
  • No Follower limit for Reports
  • Data Export 10,000 rows
  • Reputation Filtering
  • Unlimited Secret Codes
  • Custom Entry Questions
  • Typeform Integration
  • Unlimited Digital Prizes per Giveaway
Pro Plan

Enterprise Plan


Premium plan for large businesses seeking out account services and results. Includes everything in Pro plus:

  • Unlimited Data Export
  • Branded Giveaway Pages
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • 3rd Party Pixel Tracking
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Big Promotions
  • Managed Campaigns
  • Featured on Surf Giveaways
  • Surf Commerce Capabilities
Enterprise Plan

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Pro Plan

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Enterprise Plan
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Kelsey Chapman's Experience


The ability to filter my audience using Surf Analytics was a game-changer in the success of my recent book. I was able to reach out to people of influence who already followed me with a personal invite to join my book launch team. It allowed me to get advanced copies into their hands, and spread the word through affiliate marketing. I am so grateful I found Surf for Business because it seamlessly allowed me to connect with my most engaged followers and build a trusted team to help me spread the message of my book far and wide







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All Plans Offer

Infinite Filtering Capabilities

Each plan gives you dynamic filtering abilities, allowing you to be in complete control of who you’re looking at, or trying to find. Segment and organize social media followers like never before.

2B + Reports Ready To View

All of our users are able to search, view and filter with any of the 10M+ reports in the Surf library within seconds. Compare with any existing reports like competitors, influencers, and more.

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User Limit
Select a plan with multiple users to share data across stakeholders
Follower Limit
View full, unsampled follower lists with any paid plan, or view the top 100 followers on our free tier.
100, 000
Custom Landing Pages
100, 000
Branded Giveaway Pages
100, 000
Dedicated Account Manager
An Account Manager helps with goal-setting, campaign strategy and white glove service to deliver you unparalleled results
100, 000
Visible on Surf Giveaways
Able to be seen on the browsing page
100, 000
Featured on Surf Giveaways
Showcased on our featured carousel at the top of
100, 000
View Existing Reports
View Twitter and Instagram Follower Reports
100, 000
Refresh and Run Reports
Run and Refresh Twitter and Instagram Follower Reports
100, 000
Data Export
Export your data to CSV, or create clean, customizable PDFs for more visual, summary representations
100, 000
Add User to Workspace
When you need one more set of eyes
100, 000
Number of Active Giveaways
100, 000


Prize Value
The prize given away has to be below this value.
100, 000
3rd Party Pixel Tracking
Connect Facebook Pixel tracking and/or Google Analytics directly to your giveaway via our integration!
100, 000
Custom Entry Questions
AKA 'Short Text' Entry Method - Ask your entrants a question or for their username on a platform and have their answers recorded for collection at the end of the giveaway.
100, 000
Secret Codes
Create codes that are redeemable by entrants for extra entries (useful for content creators to give out during live streams or via tweets to increase engagement)
100, 000
Typeform Integration
Use to create a survey for your entrants to fill out and have it directly embedded into your giveaway with the results sent back to your Typeform account.
100, 000
Timed Entry Methods
Allow entrants to only collect entries for a entry method during a certain time period - want them to tune into a stream between 5pm and 9pm EST? Make that entry method time based!
100, 000
Legal Sponsorship of Giveaways
Extra protection for your campaign
100, 000
Big Promotion & Managed Campaigns
100, 000


1st Party Data Analytics
100, 000
Bot Detection
Filter for fake accounts among your giveaway entrants
100, 000
Cerebro Profile Database
2.4 billion social profiles across Instagram and Twitter that is perfect for influencer discovery.
100, 000