Get Rewarded for Your
Everyday Browsing 🤙

Get Rewarded for Your Everyday Browsing 🤙

Surf is a free browser extension that allows you to passively earn rewards for simply browsing the web

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Passively Earn Points

No surveys. No ads. No changes to your browsing behavior. Earn rewards for what you’re already doing.

Get Rewards as Good as Cash

Redeem points for items and gift cards from some of the coolest brands.

Take Control of Your Data

Full transparency and control over your data - view and manage the data you share at anytime.

50+ Top Brands

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Last Year Big Tech Earned Over $500 Billion From Tracking and Selling Your Data...

You Received $0 For it. 😞

Surf the Web
Get Rewarded.

Surf the Web Get Rewarded.

You're Already Sharing Valuable Data.
Why Not Earn From It?

People LOVE Surf 😍

I am impressed as to how EASY the Surf extension works and cannot wait until the full version is out. I highly recommend everyone to DOWNLOAD THIS ASAP and start making money on your data.

Henny | 

Lion Marketing Agency

The ability to passively earn points for rewards while browsing is GREAT. But not having to worry about your data being used in the wrong ways is INCREDIBLE.

Buster | 

Founder, HoopsNation | Host, The Buster Show

I literally signed up and already have 677 points!  Took 2 mins and wasn’t asked anything personal. Seems like a no brainer to get rewarded for all the browsing I do - especially since my data is kept completely private..

Jon | 

Key Account Director, Workhuman

Great tool for taking control of your data in the world. Always was aware of my data that was being collected, but never thought I'd have the opportunity to be rewarded for providing it! Looking forward to what Surf is able to do for us as consumers going forward!

I'm excited to use this extension and get a dyson hair blow dryer, I will finally be freed from damp hair!

Love the concept behind the Surf extension - easy to use, easy to get rewarded for what you're already doing online. What's not to love?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon can I get rewarded?

You will get points right away for creating an account, going through a tutorial of the extension and sharing some additional information. Past that, you can get rewarded for browsing and for referring your friends. We’ve looked at the average amount of time people spend browsing online and created a way for users to get the most points by browsing like they do on a regular basis.

What data do I share with Surf?

Under your profile section, you will be able to see the information you have shared with Surf either through onboarding or the sites you visit. We do not collect any other data from you - everything we collect is opt-in and with your explicit consent.

Does Surf work with my ad blocker?

Yes. We work with any ad blocker and any VPN.

What does Surf do with my data?

We anonymize and cohort user data for brands. A brand will never have access to specific browsing data. They will see only high level browsing trends for a cohort (ex. Popular publications visited by 18-24 males in Los Angeles).

Am I sharing data in Incognito mode?

Surf does not collect data from users or award points to users when they go into Incognito mode or open a private window.

Can I pause Surf?

Yes. In the extension you can pause Surf which means 1) We won’t track your site visits and 2) You won’t be compensated with points for browsing.

What browsers are Surf compatible on?

Surf is available on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Is Surf in beta?

Yes we are still in the early stages of Surf and are taking all feedback to make it the best experience possible for you. Don’t worry, all your points can still be redeemed for rewards throughout the beta stage and beyond!

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