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Surf is a privacy-first browser extension that allows you to passively earn from the data you choose to share while browsing online.
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Open your preferences and open the extensions tab, ensure Surf is selected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Surf do with my data?
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How does Surf reward users?

People love Surf!

Prime Gaming has been working with Surf for about a year or so. Overall, the management and communication of our giveaway activations have been incredible. The Surf team has been nothing but excellent in terms of communication, recommendations for ways to make the giveaway even more appealing to gamers at large, as well as in the execution. Through the dedicated work of the Surf team, our team was able to not only achieve our set objectives but outperform them by over 400%. Our team has been incredibly happy with everything Surf has provided, and we can't wait to continue working with them.

Prime Gaming

Surf has been a great data partner for us. We love their tool and how simple it is to filter/analyze different types of data. We are looking forward to Surf stepping into web data. It is refreshing to see it done in a compliant way that will provide us access to new data we can’t get from any other providers.


Vice President, Upworthy

G FUEL has experienced substantial revenue growth over the past year, and Surf Giveaways has been an integral part of our strategy. We know that the people who enter a G FUEL giveaway are interested in our products, and Surf Giveaways helps us retarget these people for effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

Cliff Morgan

Founder & CEO, G FUEL Energy

Surf Giveaways is an amazing platform because it's so versatile, and can incentivize fans to do basically anything you’d like... It's really important for us to have those memorable in-person exchanges with our customers, and Surf Giveaways also had those fans opt into our email list so we can follow up with them and nurture those relationships.

Verona Pinto

Partnership Manager, DX Racer

Working with Surf Giveaways is a breeze. Their amazing customer service, intuitive marketing services, and talented staff make growing your brand and engaging with your supporters easier than ever. We were able to grow our social media presence exponentially in a matter of days thanks to Surf Giveaways services. I recommend Surf Giveaways to any company, big or small, that is looking to get to the next level.


Influencer Talent Coordinator, Sinai Health

An absolute game changer, paving the way for ethical tech/web development!

Chrome Review

Love it! Using this is a no-brainer. Earn points for doing exactly what you always do and rewards aren't unreasonably hard to get.

Chrome Review

Easy to use, runs in the background and then I log in and get free stuff! Glad my data is doing something for me!

Chrome Review

i really love that u guys are giving me free money! love the app

Hotjar Review

Love the "data independence" concept.

Hotjar Review

Loving it. User friendly and they respect privacy. I wish I could give more than 5 stars

Chrome Review

Easy to use, runs in the background and then I log in and get free stuff! Glad my data is doing something for me!

Chrome Review

I love the experience guys.. Keep up the good work guys..

Chrome Review

Surf has been nothing but awesome. Very nice and awesome rewards.

Hotjar Review

Best thing I've discovered on the internet as a student, this has helped in many ways I didn't expect.

Chrome Review

Great extension. I browse and shop on the internet a lot and now with Surf I can earn while doing this. Great app and I think everyone should try

Chrome Review

Great addition to Chrome or Brave. Silently runs in the background, you accumulate points, and then spend them on gift cards. Free $$$, zero effort.

Chrome Review

The ability to passively earn points for rewards while browsing is GREAT. But not having to worry about your data being used in the wrong ways is INCREDIBLE.

Chrome Review

Easy to use, runs in the background and then I log in and get free stuff! Glad my data is doing something for me!

Chrome Review