our mission

Give The Power Back to The People!

Big tech has been taking advantage of you for decades.
It’s time for that to change.

Consumers have had their data rights disregarded by tech companies for years. Their data has been collected through disingenuous, and illegal means and used to generate combined profits totalling over $500 billion a year. Meanwhile the people responsible for generating that data, the consumer, earns $0. This has to change.

Surf empowers you to take control of your data for the first time. We allow you to share anonymized data in exchange for rewards, all the while remaining in control of what you choose to share.

Putting Privacy First

All Data is Anonymized
All the data that you shared is 100% anonymized. We don’t ask you for your first or last name, and all personal identifiers are removed so nothing can ever be traced back to you.
All Data is Aggregated
Brands will only be able to see insights on the browsing behaviour of different demographic groups (age range, city, etc.), never on an individual user.
Review and Delete Data
You can review the data you’ve shared with Surf at any time and remove anything you don’t want shared. You can also automatically block Surf from collecting your browsing information on specific sites.
If you don’t want to share browsing data for a select amount of time, you can pause the extension.
Delete Your Account
Surf is GDPR/CPPA compliant. You can request and delete your data at any time. If you do, all of your data will be removed from our servers.

Our Business Model

You save money. Marketers get insights. Companies get customers.
Our business model was intentionally designed to ensure that anyone who uses Surf is benefiting.

You benefit by using your anonymous browsing data to receive exclusive discounts, rewards, and gift cards from some of your favourite brands!

Marketers benefit by receiving insights to create better products and offerings for you.

Companies benefit by getting new customers through the rewards they put in the Surf Marketplace.

Our Values

You should be made aware of what data you are sharing.

You should be able to manage/edit the data you share.

You should receive something in exchange for the data you share.

Take Your Power Back.

Start Saving Today!