Measurable Moments for Live Events

Surf Giveaways helps you to get even more out of your events through engaging digital and in-person activations.

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Boost Views & Retention

Our secret to getting more viewers for longer during your live broadcasts? Secret codes for more entries. Strategically place them throughout your stream to incentivize viewers to not only tune in, but stick around.

In-Person Activations

Elevate your brand presence by combining the power of digital giveaways with real-world experiences. Whether it's events, product launches, or community outreach, Surf Giveaways empowers you to create memorable experiences for your customers.

Create Viral Stories

A unique in-person activation not only creates a unique experience for your customers but has the potential to get you earned media… and lots of it! Our team has experience crafting unique giveaways that create shareable moments.

Attendee Engagement

By offering entries in exchange for survey completions, you not only incentivize interaction but also gain a real-time pulse on audience preferences, sentiments, and demographics.