We’ve Changed our Name to Change the Game!

A lot of people change their name after they get married - well we’re doing just that. We’re rebranding and renaming to align with our fast growing browser extension Surf. If you haven’t checked it out yet; Surf allows consumers to passively earn points for their everyday browsing, redeeming those points for items, gift cards and coupon codes in their extensive marketplace, or donate their points for cash value towards a charity of their choice. Users are also given control of their data, with the ability to edit and manage the data they share anytime.

Our CEO, Swish Goswami says it best; “Our user growth came as no surprise to me. We’ve built something that gives people control of their data while letting them profit from it. People love Surf because they get compensated for doing what they already do on a daily basis, and while they keep the extension on they can still use a VPN or AdBlock to protect their privacy…” 

So what can current Trufan users expect under the new brand? Surf for Brands will be offered in two ways: Analytics and Commerce. Analytics will continue to give brands the ability to easily generate, segment and activate a variety of social and first-party data to better understand any audience. Commerce to be offered in the near future - allowing brands to analyze anonymized and cohorted web data from Surf (ex. what are the most popular publications 18-24 year old males in Toronto are looking at). The new Commerce offerings give brands the ability to reach new consumers through Surf discount codes, rewards and promotions - giving surf users the ability to do more with the points they receive for browsing.

We’re really excited to continue to offer better connections between brands and audiences, and to continue to engage in the largest conversation around data privacy and ownership. Check out joinsurf.com/brands (will be active Jan26 @ 12pm EST) to see how we can help your brand today!