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Surf is a privacy-first browser extension that helps you save money on everyday purchases just by browsing the Internet.
300K+  people are already using Surf to save
people are already using Surf to save
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Install the Surf Extension in two clicks.

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Wrack up points without changing a thing about how you browse.

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Use your Surf points to get coupons from some of your favourite brands every week.

"Surf is part of a growing movement that some commentators have dubbed 'responsible technology', part of which is to give people more control over their data."

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Pin the Extension

Download Surf to your browser, locate the extensions tab and select the pin icon beside "Surf".

Step 1

Collect Points

Browse as you normally would and get rewarded with Surf points. Manage the data you share at anytime (Surf does not collect personally identifying information).

Step 2

Get Free Rewards & Discounts

Accumulate enough Surf points to put towards epic discounts and rewards from your favorite brands!

Step 3

People Love Surf!

Nathan Gumbiner

I am impressed as to how EASY the Surf extension works and cannot wait until the full version is out. I highly recommend everyone to DOWNLOAD THIS ASAP and start making money on your data.


Muhammad Umar Khan

What a amazing extension, that provides complete control of data to the consumer. the transparency of the platform and the user friendliness of the extension allows me to manage my data how i see it fit. really enjoyed the spending the points i earned on amazon, making my life easier with discounts provided


Tatum Miller

I love Surf because I get rewarded and don’t change anything. It runs in the background. I don’t have to think about it, Surf just rewards me for browsing.


Nicholas Nary

It's kinda crazy that I get points for simply Googling a randomized amount of things. I love the gift cards I have received too!


Axel Villamil

I absolutely love Surf. Browsing and earning is an amazing concept and I do love me some discounts. I know there are some changes but with any new outlier of a concept there will be hiccups and iterations. I'm confident the team at Surf will keep pushing for its users. Not everyone is around for someone's come up. It will take work to get there and their team will do it.


275K+ people are already saving money on everyday purchases

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