Surf: What Data Do We Collect?

Surf: What Data Do We Collect?

Jack Lavorato

September 29, 2022

WHY DO YOU WANT MY DATA WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH IT?!?! This is a question plastered all over our social media comments and candidly, the question is fair. People are worried about what data they are giving up, and they should be. Today I’m going to tell you why Surf collects data, what data we collect, and most importantly how we value your privacy. 

Surf Values

At Surf we value 3 things: 

  • Transparency: people should be made aware of what data they are sharing
  • Privacy: people should be able to manage/edit the data they share
  • Compensation: people should be compensated for the data they share

We are fighting for data ownership - we are in your corner. We think it’s unfair that users give away their browsing data every day to Big Tech while getting nothing in return. 

What Data Do we take?

Surf collects your browsing data. That’s it. Basically, the websites you visit and your activity on said websites. We only ask you three questions before you can begin Surfing. We ask for your age, gender and approximate location. This is so we can draw insight from the data set. We NEVER ask for your name. We don’t report “Jane Doe from 123 john street visited”. Instead our data looks like “25 year olds from Toronto have been visiting at a higher rate than usual”. We ensure that your data is anonymized and cohorted

Can the data be traced back to me?

We don’t collect any personal identifiable information, meaning that anyone who has access to our data can not trace it back to an individual person. We also have filters to ensure that the data is anonymized. After that, we group it with users in similar demographics to derive insight for companies. The best part is when a *cough* “stranger” *cough* breaks into your house and logs onto a website you don’t want Surf to see, you have 24 hours to delete that from your history on Surf. We want to ensure that you know exactly what data we collect for the utmost transparency. 

Surf collects the browsing data you choose to share along with your age, approximate location and gender. We then group it together and anonymize it. We make sure that the sharing of data is ethical and allows user to be compensated for it. It’s simple. Join Surf today to start taking control of your (anonymized) data.

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