Surf Rewards: Join to Earn Passively with this Browser Extension

Surf Rewards: Join to Earn Passively with this Browser Extension

Caleb Wilmoth

August 11, 2022

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how Surf works and how you can earn rewards from doing nothing. Or maybe you have never even heard of Surf but are looking for a way to earn rewards passively while browsing the internet? Whatever your question or concern may be about earning rewards from our browser extension, Surf, I’m here to answer it. So put on that coffee and get comfy, because I’m about to explain how you can take back YOUR portion of the $500 billion Big Tech earned off YOUR data just last year.

The Beatles. The Office. Your mother-in-law. What do these all have in common? They don’t last forever (though you may fear that the third will). In fact, nothing lasts forever. Just last year Big Tech profited over $500 billion from your data, and this has been going on for years. We believe that this has been going on for far too long, and our mission is to end it. Because at Surf, we believe that every person is entitled to the ownership and control of their own data. It doesn’t matter whether you’d prefer to keep your data private, choose specific data footprints to share, or monetize all of your data with Surf to earn back what’s rightfully yours. Whatever you choose to do, Surf is behind you and supporting you through the equitable data economy we are building. The time of Big Tech stealing your data is over, and the era of everyday consumers taking ownership and control of their data is here.

Now, monetizing and earning from your data may sound technical and difficult to actually achieve, but Surf makes it as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is install our browser extension and then create your account. That’s it! Just like that, you will start earning points to redeem Surf Rewards, and Surf handles the rest. We never ask for any personal information, nor do we ever share any specific information about you. The only data we collect and share is general and anonymized/cohorted data (Ex. a list of 18-24 year-olds living in Toronto who visited these 5 popular video game websites). Our browser extension even has a “My Data” page that lets you view your browsing history (and delete it if you so choose)! We’ve worked hard to build an equitable data economy that truly rewards and compensates users for their data, while still providing users with the ability to remain private and in control. Not to mention that you can also use your points to redeem some pretty cool rewards too!

We’re proud to boast some of the hottest brands in our marketplace that give you exclusive reward options for simply browsing the internet! From Lenovo and Crocs to Fiverr and Champs, our reward marketplace is already full of brands and services you know and love - while constantly evolving, adding, and improving! There’s no shortage of reward options on Surf - you can find anything from stylish swimwear to bamboo bed sheets to delicious, frozen meals delivered right to your door. Need a new gaming PC? Got it. Looking to reinvent your wardrobe? You’re in the right place. Tea or coffee? We’ve got both! Our marketplace even has donation options to charities like The Red Cross and Able Gamers, among many others. We wanted to ensure our users truly have full ownership and control over their data. So if users choose to donate their points to charities, we are in full support of it!

In addition to the reward options that users can redeem with points, there are also Offers provided by brands for free! These offers are discount codes from brands such as Bass Pro Shops, Foot Locker, Microsoft, StubHub, and many more! With hundreds of offers provided by popular brands, you can always ensure you are getting the best deal on whatever you may be buying. Furthermore, as long as you have the Surf extension installed and active, these offers will pop up whenever you visit a partnered brand’s website! This ensures that you will never miss out on any sweet, sweet deal.

Unlike Big Tech, here at Surf, we are committed to empowering you with the ability to take ownership of your data. For some, that may mean redeeming rewards from brands they love in the Surf marketplace. For others, it could mean being selective about what data they choose to share. Some may even elect to use the points they earn for charity donations. Whatever route you choose to take, Surf is behind you all the way. We want to partner with you to create the first equitable data economy - one that will have Big Tech on its heels. To get started, download the Surf extension now!

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