Surf: How Does it Work?

Surf: How Does it Work?

Allysia Edwards

February 24, 2023

Do you like cookies?

Not the delicious chocolate chip kind. I’m talking about third party cookies. Through third party cookies, companies are able to track your data as you navigate their website and browse the Internet. They’re one of the methods Big Tech uses to collect and sell your data for billions of dollars each year. They’re also the only type of cookie that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. A recent survey found that only 1 to 5 percent of web browsers adjust their cookie preferences to stop companies from selling their data. That means there’s a fair chance that you’re already giving your data away for free. Why not use Surf and get compensated for it?

What is Surf?

Surf is a free browser extension that collects the data you choose to share. The more you surf the web, the more points you earn. Those points can be redeemed for rewards at companies like Apple, Champs, and Nintendo. They can also be used to enter our various giveaways. That’s right. Your browsing history can help you save money and win prizes! Once your account has been created, resume scrolling as usual. Your browsing behavior doesn’t have to change at all. In the meantime, our extension will exchange your data for savings, as much or as little data as you want.

What kind of data does Surf collect?

Unlike Big Tech companies, Surf prioritizes your data privacy. None of our brand partners will have access to your personal identifiable information or individual browsing history. Instead, user data is anonymized and placed into cohorts for your protection. Each cohort contains data from users that are similar to you (ex. a popular publication for males aged 18-24 in Los Angeles is ____ ).

Users can pause the tracking at any time by pressing the pause button or opening an Incognito tab. They can also use our “Hide Me” feature to stop tracking on specific websites. However, points can only be rewarded when the extension is turned on and tracking is enabled. By clicking on the “My Data” tab under their profile, users can also view and delete information tracked within the last 24 hours.

How to get started

Download our browser extension and complete our tutorial to get started! Our extension is compatible with all major browsers in the USA, UK, and Canada. We are eager to expand our offerings, so if you live outside of those regions, please join our waitlist.

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