Surf Giveaways: How to Use Surf Points to Enter

Surf Giveaways: How to Use Surf Points to Enter

Allysia Edwards

April 14, 2023

Surf Giveaways: How to Use Surf Points to Enter

Are you feeling lucky? Do you like free stuff? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should enter one of our giveaways. Surf Giveaways are an easy way for people to win epic prizes like gaming monitors, gift cards from brands like Amazon and PlayStation, and more!

Using Surf Points for Entry

Surf Giveaways are easy to enter. All you need to do is go to the giveaways website, click on the one that interests you, and follow the directions for entry. Our algorithm will take care of the rest. It selects the winner based on the number of entries and entrants. You could be the next person to win big!

There are multiple ways to enter each giveaway, so complete as many as possible! Entry methods may include following the brand’s social media, engaging with their posts, or subscribing to their mailing list. But Surfers have an advantage. They can also enter giveaways by using their Surf points!

So, how can someone become a Surfer and use their Surf points for giveaways? The first step is to install our browser extension. The extension runs silently in the background to award you with points for your everyday browsing data. Once installed, you can click on the extension tab to view how many points you have earned. You can also use the tab to see previews of ongoing giveaways. Surf points can be redeemed for giveaways AND for rewards in our marketplace.

The Story Behind Surf Points

A recent study found that the typical Internet user spends 7 hours on the Internet everyday. That’s a lot of screen time! It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of tweets and Youtube videos without even realizing it. Companies use various tools to collect that user data and understand customer behavior. For example, you probably have encountered websites that ask you to accept or reject all cookies. Cookies are just one way for businesses to collect and sell browsing data. Big Tech companies (like Microsoft and Google) profit the most from this information. They earn BILLIONS of dollars by collecting and sharing information from people like you. But if the Tech Giants can profit off of your scrolling, why can’t you?

Surf’s mission is to make the data economy more equitable. In other words, we believe that people should have control over their own data. Our rewards and giveaways act as compensation for the information that you choose to share. Surf’s extension is also mindful about your privacy. It will never track your activity without consent.

Summing it all up

Our giveaway website is full of amazing stuff! There are many ways to enter, but you can increase your chances by using Surf points. Start earning points today by installing Surf’s extension and browsing the Internet, and your passive scrolling may just win you some big prizes!

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