Surf Giveaways: How to Enter Giveaways

Surf Giveaways: How to Enter Giveaways

Jack Lavorato

September 12, 2022

What if I said your browsing data could be used to win great prizes? You might think I’m crazy or you might be familiar with Surf. Don’t get me wrong, getting rewarded for your normal browsing data is cool. Using your browsing data to enter giveaways to leverage your points and win big is arguably cooler. At Surf we’re always fighting for you to make the most of your data and give you flexibility in how you choose to be compensated. That’s why we introduced Surf Giveaways, a way for you to use your Surf points to enter giveaways from your favorite brands. 

What is Surf Giveaways?

Surf Giveaways leverages your ability to interact with a brand in exchange for entries into a contest where you can win big! For example, you can use Surf points to gain X number of entries into a giveaway. We also allow you to earn entries into giveaways by following social media accounts, signing up for mailing lists, referring a friend and much more (depending on the giveaway)!  Our advanced algorithm randomly selects a winner with weighted odds - based on the # of entries and entrants! These prizes are a lot larger than what you could get using the same amount of Surf points in the marketplace.

How do I physically enter Giveaways?

Thanks to our Surf integration, entering giveaways only takes a few clicks! Let me walk you through the few ways you can access Surf Giveaways. 

  1. Go directly to the Surf Giveaways website. This will allow you to enter giveaways in a variety of ways! From there you can pick your favorite giveaway and enter using the preferred method. Once you click that method you will be given a drop down menu asking you to confirm these entries. 
  1. The second way to access our giveaways is to go through the extension site and click the “giveaway” button on the menu bar. This will bring you to the page where you can win from your data! 

Giveaways can be your opportunity to get the absolute most for your data! Learn more about giveaways HERE!

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