Surf Giveaways: Get the Most Out of Your Points

Surf Giveaways: Get the Most Out of Your Points

Jack Lavorato

September 1, 2022

Surf gives you the ability to earn passive rewards, and now we’re giving you the ability to win BIG. If you want to use your data to enter big sweepstakes, you use Surf Giveaways. It’s just like if you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to Geico. It’s just what you do. Surf giveaways want to give you more choice, and more opportunity with your data.

Surf Giveaways

What is Surf Giveaways?

Surf Giveaways provides a way for you to win BIG. For example, you can use Surf points to gain X number of entries into a giveaway. Then our advanced algorithm randomly selects a winner with weighted odds - based on the # of entries and entrants! These prizes are a lot larger than what you could get using the same amount of Surf points in the marketplace. Surf Giveaways puts some excitement in your life. 

Difference between Surf and Surf Giveaways

Surf and Surf Giveaways have a symbiotic relationship that goes together like bread and butter. Feel free to ignore that metaphor if you’re lactose intolerant or celiac. No need to download another app on your browser though, if you have Surf you can access all the functionalities of Giveaways as well. With Surf you gain points for browsing the internet. After that, you can use those points to redeem discount codes in our marketplace. Our giveaways piggyback off Surf and allow you to use your points to win amazing prizes. Some giveaways ask you to use your points and some will ask you to follow social media or sign up for mailing lists.  While there isn’t a guarantee that you’ll win, Surf Giveaways gives you a chance. A chance to win BIG.  So yes, Surf and Surf Giveaways are connected and work better if you use them together. 

Why enter Giveaways?

At Surf we want to give you full control and ownership of your data, meaning a variety of ways to earn with your data. Giveaways are a fun way to try your luck and win bigger prizes using less Surf points. Although we already gave away many amazing prizes, we still have so many to give away.

How to enter Giveaways?

Thanks to our Surf integration, entering giveaways only takes a few seconds! There’s a few ways to access the giveaways. First you can go directly to the giveaways website. This will allow you to enter giveaways in a variety of fashions. There you can use your Surf points in exchange for entries. We also allow you to gain entries into giveaways by following our social media accounts, signing up for mailing lists, referring a friend and much more (depending on the giveaway)! The second way to access our giveaways is to go through the extension site and click the “giveaway” button on the menu bar. This will bring you to the page where you can win from your data! 

G FUEL® on Twitter: "🔥 GIVEAWAY 🔥 We've teamed up with our good friends  at @PLAYRgg for #TwitchCon this year to bring you the most EPIC GAMER  GIVEAWAY possible! FULL INFO &

What happened to Playr?

Playr was a company that Surf acquired in late 2020. Surf felt as if Playr meshed well with Surf and so far has been a great success. Although Playr was known as a gaming-centered giveaway platform, we’ve been able to pivot the functionality to allow various products from all kinds of brands! So, in short, Playr is now Surf Giveaways! Although Playr is no longer in the name, it will always live on in our hearts. 

How to run giveaways for my brand?

Now this is a section for brands, so if you're a Surf user, you can either leave or enjoy this educational piece on brand partnerships. If you’re not a Surf user, then what are you still doing here? Go sign up and start earning from the data you’re already sharing! For those left, giveaways are a great way to expose your brand to hundreds of thousands of users. Furthermore, it can be a great way to grow email lists and social media following. If your brand wants to streamline marketing campaigns while still promoting your brand ethically, Surf rewards can help you. Can someone please acknowledge how good that pitch was in the sentence before. If you're a brand and don’t end up partnering with us, just acknowledge how well said that was. Like really the person writing this blog deserves a raise. However, this isn’t about the handsome blog writer, it’s about your brand gaining visibility with passionate users. Book a meeting with us today and we can make it happen. 

Our giveaways open up the possibilities for your data. At Surf we believe you should have full control over your data - Surf Giveaways expands that ability. Playr we will never forget you, and glad we could welcome you into the Surf umbrella. But the days of Playr are over, and the time of using your data to win BIG has come. Whether you are a brand who wants visibility or a user wanting to test your luck, Surf Giveaways wants to help you.

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