Six Self Care Essentials - Surf Rewards Blog

Six Self Care Essentials - Surf Rewards Blog

Stefanie Medd

March 23, 2022

Six Self Care Essentials (Treat Yourself with Surf Rewards)

*under $30 CAD

Show yourself some love! Self care looks different to everyone; perhaps you just need your beauty rest, uninterrupted. Or, perhaps you prefer some time alone to write down your thoughts on paper. Whatever self care looks like for you, do that! We have a few ideas to get you started - that can all be redeemed with Surf rewards!

Self Care Essentials - Image 1

1. The “5 Minute” Journal

There’s a lot of journals on the market, but this one is definitely a game changer. The daily quotes and prompts make such a difference if you are looking for a place to start and need a little inspiration.

Self Care Essentials - Image 2

2. Silk Sleep Mask

Feel luxurious while keeping the light out of your eyes with a silky sleep mask!

Self Care Essentials - Image 3

3. Water Bottle

Do something great for yourself and for the environment! Ensure you stay hydrated and help reduce the amount of single-use plastic!

Self Care Essentials - Image 4

4. Facial Mask

Nothing says self care like a facial mask. Smear on a generous amount while you watch a movie or meditate, or just relax and feel the impurities leaving your skin as you pamper yourself!

Self Care Essentials - Image 5

5. Rollerball Essential Oil

Enjoy both the calming scent of lavender and the soothing sensation on your skin! Throw it into your bag for those moments when you need a little relaxation on the go!

Self Care Essentials - Image 6

6. “Chill” Caffeine-Free Chai Latte Mix

This easy-to-use latte mix is the perfect way to end your day or transition into a more relaxed mood! Just add water - super quick and simple so you can worry less and relax more!

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