Charity Rewards: Give Back this Christmas with Surf

Charity Rewards: Give Back this Christmas with Surf

Alex Belden-Prezio

March 23, 2022

The Holiday season is here, and the spirit of giving comes with it.

On behalf of the Surf team, we wanted to give everyone the chance to gift a difference in someone's life this season. Surf has made it easier than ever to donate to a few non-profit charities this year and help everyone feel the joy of the Holidays.

What is Surf?

For those new to Surf, we are a browser extension that can passively reward people for browsing and sharing their data. With larger tech companies taking user data and leveraging it to make billions a year, Surf aims to provide users with a transparent method of sharing their data to earn cash value points.

With Surf, you can simply turn it on and continue browsing as your normally would. As you browse, you will slowly start generating points Surf points that you can use to redeem real rewards. Surf gives you control over the data you share. Simply delete anything you don't want to share or pause Surf in the extension menu.

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Use Your Surf Rewards to Give Back

As you browse this month, you will see your Surf points increasing. If you're one that uses the internet a lot like myself, you'll have no problem getting to 2,000 points. Alternatively, you can save some time by referring your friends and family members too! If you refer someone and they reach 750 points, then Surf will give you a 1000 point bonus!

Surf offers numerous rewards, a few of which can go towards non-profit groups. For every 2,000 Surf points, you can redeem a non-profit reward, and Surf will donate $10 on your behalf.

Enjoy giving back to those in need and celebrate this Holiday with a happy conscience. As always, happy Surfing!

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