9 Amazing AirBnb's You Can Stay at for FREE

9 Amazing AirBnb's You Can Stay at for FREE

Brian Cook

March 23, 2022

The times are changing, restrictions are lifting and if you’re like me – you’ve got the travel bug again. Here are a few incredible AirBnb locations to check out, and how you can score a stay in one for FREE at the end. Safe travels!

Amazing Airbnb - Image 1

1. Stay inside a glass bubble on the side of a mountain

Something we’ve all thought of before, right? This place boasts incomparable views, but may be difficult to get Uber Eats…

Amazing Airbnb - Image 2

2. An entire airplane hangar, cause why not?

Florida maintains its reputation for the strange with this entire airplane hangar for rent – not sure whether or not you can land your own plane in it, or take on with you – best to ask the host…

Amazing AirBnB - Image 3

3. Binge watch Yellowstone in this Montana cabin

Have you dreamt of escaping it all, and just getting away for some solitude? Have you dreamt that Kevin Costner is your land-baron dad and the ongoing drama between your family is palpable at times? This is the place for you…

Amazing AirBnB - Image 4

4. Stay inside an Elephant in New Jersey

This is it. This is the reason that AirBnb exists. So that I can write that sentence, and have it make perfect sense. While it may seem ridiculous on paper or from first appearances (and second takes) the inside is truly magnificent, with views of the Jersey Shore to boot! Surely a stay you’ll never forget… (I’m really sorry about the elephant joke.)

Amazing AirBnB - Image 5

5. On the heels of weird shaped things to stay in. A Big Potato in Idaho

Ok, so you may not book this one for your honeymoon, but the inside is truly beautiful! I particularly like antler chandelier. It’s also incredibly affordable! Perfect for those on a… SHOESTRING BUDGET. (I’ll see myself out.)

Amazing AirBnB - Image 6

6. This is oddly one of the more ‘normal’ places to stay on this list. An entire castle!

Have you got 13 friends and a burning desire to live your best Downton Abbey life? The 7 Bed, 6.5 Bath Wilton Castle in Wexford, Ireland is the perfect place for you! Requests for one of our interns to show up in a tuxedo carrying a silver platter around may be sent to

Amazing AirBnB - Image 7

7. Kelly’s Ark?

So someone named Kelly built an ark in the middle of Tennessee and their commitment is incredible. Not enough commitment to legally change your name to Noah, but still commendable. Thankfully not in a flood zone, although there is a hot tub…

Amazing AirBnB - Image 8

8. A scottish spaceship

When someone says you should stay inside a scottish spaceship soon, you should. Say that 5 times fast! Not sure why it was built, but this one of a kind vessel is sure to delight anyone visiting the Scottish Highlands.

Amazing AirBnB - Image 9

9. The house, from Home Alone

You can rent the house from Home Alone on AirBnb, but upon further inspection - there is no promise of two misguided and goofy crooks that attempt a break-in or robbery at any point during the stay, so I question whether or not it’s worth it…

So you’ve got the itch to get travelling again?? And now you’re wondering why I said you could stay at any of these places for FREE? Well you can! You just have to download Surf to your browser, browse the web like normal, collect points and redeem them on AirBnb! Surf is the first browser extension that rewards users for their part in the data economy.

You don’t have to take any tests or quizzes or change anything about the way you browse. Head over to joinsurf.com to find out more!

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