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1. We Create Your Dream Giveaway

Our team will work with you to pick what you want to giveaway and how you want to drive traffic.

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Share your giveaway with your community! If you want to reach a wider audience, we can help with this too.

3. You Draw Your Winners

Enjoy from the fruits of your labour, pick your winners and analyze the data in one dashboard.

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Surf Giveaways is an amazing platform because it's so versatile, and can incentivize fans to do basically anything you’d like... It's really important for us to have those memorable in-person exchanges with our customers, and Surf Giveaways also had those fans opt into our email list so we can follow up with them and nurture those relationships.

Verona Pinto

Partnership manager at DX racer


G FUEL has experienced substantial revenue growth over the past year, and Surf Giveaways has been an integral part of our strategy. We know that the people who enter a G FUEL giveaway are interested in our products, and Surf Giveaways helps us retarget these people for effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

Cliff Morgan

Founder & CEO of GFUEL


Working with Surf Giveaways is a breeze. Their amazing customer service, intuitive marketing services, and talented staff make growing your brand and engaging with your supporters easier than ever. We were able to grow our social media presence exponentially in a matter of days thanks to Surf Giveaways services. I recommend Surf Giveaways to any company, big or small, that is looking to get to the next level.


Influencer Talent Coordinator


Surf has been a great data partner for us. We love their tool and how simple it is to filter/analyze different types of data. We are looking forward to the Surf stepping into web data. It is refreshing to see it done in a compliant way that will provide us access to new data we can’t get from any other providers.


Vice President