We have extended the deadline for SURF 2013-2014. Catch the moment and apply till August, 5! The results of the application review process will be announced on 10th of August.
Moscow Conference online
Oct 11, 2013
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SURF'13 is held with the support of Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund [More]
2nd round results
Aug 30, 2013
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Dear applicants, The results have been sent to all applicants. Congratulations to those who you have been accepted to the 2013/2014 SURF Program! [More]
Russian delegates - 1st round results
Aug 10, 2013
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Dear Russian applicants, Please check your emails for the results of first round. All successful applicants have to confirm date and time of the interview (offline for Moscow, otherwise - skype). [More]
Deadline extension
Jul 25, 2013
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We have extended the deadline for SURF 2013-2014. Catch the moment and apply till August, 5! The results of the application review process will be announced on 10th of August. [More]
Call for 2013-2014 Delegates!!
Jul 3, 2013
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Dear Prospective Applicants,

We are excited and proud to launch SURF’s program for the fifth year running. As a delegate, you will not only have the opportunity to explore challenging intellectual and policy issues, but also to work closely with today’s leaders in policy, business, and academia and students striving to be the leaders of tomorrow. SURF offers a unique opportunity to engage with students from across the globe on today’s most important issues and work with experts from a variety of fields. The 2013-2014 program includes the following stage

1.      Opening Conference in Moscow (early October 2013)

The five-day Conference events will include panel discussions and seminars with leading experts in policy making, academia and business. There will also be a variety of social events and time for sightseeing.

2.      Collaborative Policy Proposal Writing (November 2013 – March 2014).

Delegates will be assigned to a research group comprised of two American and two Russian students. Each group will develop a project. While some of these projects will ultimately emerge as interdisciplinary in their final stages, for now they will be grouped under three general themes:

  • Science & Medicine
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Social Sciences & Humanities

You may structure your project in one of two ways:

  • Academic: Your project will culminate in a research paper and (where applicable) a policy recommendation that addresses the issue you are investigating. The early period of the CRP process will be focused on identifying your research question and completing a SURFApplication 2013-2014 literature review. You will then work with your professional mentor to devise research methods most suitable for your project and use the bulk of your time to research and write your paper (12-15 pages in length). Past papers have focused on a wide range of topics, from the impact of oil on Russian governance to potentialities for US-Russian cooperation in securing Pakistani nuclear material. We have also had several projects concentrated on civil society, immigration and many other topics.
  • Applied: Traditionally, SURF has focused solely on policy papers and recommendations. This year, we are looking for as many as half of the delegates to engage in collaborative projects that culminate in some deliverable other than a research paper. These projects should identify a “need” and leverage your unique experiences and skill sets to create an innovative solution to this need.

NB: For the applied projects, we are especially interested in candidates with backgrounds in science, engineering, business or entrepreneurship. Experience in coding, design, statistical modeling, analyzing large data sets, finance, non-profit management or other related areas is desirable. Your final project does not necessarily have to pertain to a problem specific to the U.S.-Russian space; it may address a global concern or one specific to a different country or region. We are excited for how your unique perspective and skills will contribute to addressing these issues in an international collaborative context.

3.      Stanford Conference (late April 2014)

As a capstone event, delegates will reassemble for a five-day conference at Stanford University. Research groups will have the opportunity to present the results of their work, as well as to hear from more experts and delve deeper into US-Russian relations through more panels and seminars.  There will be a community service day, and sightseeing in San Francisco.


All Prospective Applicants are to fill out US Students Application Form (located here bit.ly/SURF1314App) or Russian Students Application Form (bit.ly/SURF1314RUSApp). In addition, be sure to email your resume and most recent transcript to:

The application is due July, 15, for prospective US delegates and July, 25, for Russian applicants. All successful applicants will be invited to a 15-20-minute interview, following which the final decision will be made.

Should you have any questions concerning the application process, please contact Sonya Shkolnik (sonya.moiseeva@gmail.com).

Good luck!

The SURF Team


Lunch Keynote 4/17
Mar 5, 2013
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Former U.S. Secretary of Defense William J. Perry will be delivering the lunch keynote on April 17, 2013. [More]
What challenges should Russia and the U.S. focus on to overcome mutual distrust?
What do you think is the current status of US-Russia relations?
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To the Fort!
Nuclear defense panel
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