Surf Pledges Equity to Upside Advantage

Surf Pledges Equity to the Upside Foundation

Here at Surf, we’re all about giving back, like how we’ve given over $525,000 back to 60,000+ users for sharing their data. Our fast-growing browser extension is working to empower digital consumers. Now, we have the chance to also empower the community. We are excited to announce that we have pledged to donate a percentage of the company’s equity to the Upside Foundation.

The Upside Foundation of Canada is an organization dedicated to building social responsibility through the donation of equity by Canadian start-ups. Upside asks for equity which the company can then donate to a charity of their choice. Their vision is that every Canadian company would share their success with their communities. With 345+ company pledges and over $2.8 million donated to 26 charities, the Upside Foundation’s impact on the community cannot be understated. That’s why we have chosen to take part in this mission, as we want to continue to give back as much as we can. While Surf is still early in its lifecycle, our pledge of equity in the company will be donated sometime in the future when a liquidity event occurs. 

“While building Surf, we always wanted to find ways to help the community. We think partnering with Upside is an incredible way to do that - and we’re proud to have made the pledge.” - Swish Goswami, CEO and Founder of Surf

We’re thrilled to be supporting this organization and “sharing the upside” - and we hope that more Canadian companies will join us in this mission. If your company may be interested in joining Upside and giving back to the community, you can get started here.