Snack Lovers: Download Our Snacks Audience Report

Show us the money!

We are willing to bet that you didn’t know the global snacking market is valued at $427 billion per year. Oddly enough, that’s also roughly what movie theatres charge to buy one large popcorn and a diet coke. It’s just a joke, it’s just a joke (kinda) - please don’t come at us AMC. That may have been a joke, but we’re certainly not kidding around when it comes to the Snacks Audience and neither should you. With our breakdown of over 3.1 million unverified 10.4k verified Twitter users that follow a snack brand, we were able to identify insights and trends that could make-or-break your marketing campaign.

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Sure, it may be fairly obvious that the majority of snack brand followers would be from the United States, but did you know that one of the top hashtags used by these profiles was #giveaway? We’d venture to guess you also didn’t know that #sweepstakes, #contest, and #ad followed closely behind. We may just be spitballing here - but we get the sense that running some giveaways on a platform like Surf Giveaways could be crucial to reaching the Snacks Audience. Just saying.

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Speaking of Surf Giveaways,

what would snacks be without gaming? Not only did we discover some killer insights about the gaming audience in our Gaming Report, but we also uncovered that over 80% of gamers regularly snack while gaming. Wow, that’s a lot of Cheeto-covered fingers and half-full Mountain Dew cans...

Surprise surprise, snackers are sports fans! With 413.7k profiles following the NBA, marketers sure would be missing out on a golden opportunity by not taking advantage of this crossover. Lucky for you, we’ve already found the top basketball insights and trends in our Basketball Audience Report. Who could’ve guessed that basketball and fashion go hand-in-hand?

You can find all of these insights and many more in our Snack Audience Report. Download it Here!