Cheers Folks! Download Our North American Beer Audience Report

You don’t have to crack open a cold one to get refreshed by the beer audience.

We did the hard work to dig deep into who makes up the +$125 Billion dollar beer market, and discovered trends, crossovers and some delightful surprises. We compiled 24 twitter profiles, and looked at their total 1.2 Million followers as a whole. What we found can provide the necessary focus to help your brand make inroads to this incredibly valuable audience.

Beer Audience Report image 1

It turns out that the mostly English speaking audience have strongholds in Toronto, Chicago and New York, and you can see the complete geographic breakdown in our report. While we specifically targeted the North American market, the same thorough analysis can be done with any market - from specific cities, states or provinces, countries, continents and more.

The power of Surf for Brands gives users the ability to focus on audiences from any viewpoint, the audience as a whole or filter down to find more definitive results. This kind of filtering grants marketers, creators and businesses the ability to make better decisions – by finding the right audience, and learning exactly what moves the needle for them.

Beer Audience Report image 2

Using Surf for Brands we discovered that the beer audience also loves dogs! I mean, who doesn’t? The beer audience we compiled had nearly a ¼ Million tweets about pooches, and the industry has leaned in to their affection for the fur faces – there’s no reason you can’t either! The beer audience we looked at is also very political, charitable and inclusive – all of which you can read more about in the report itself. The beer audience is also environmentally conscious, with a large overlap of followers within the report also following Leo Dicaprio (whose account is entirely environmentally centered). One wildly interesting insight we discovered was the crossover into the marijuana audience… but you’ll have to download the report to learn more.

We were pleasantly surprised by the beer audience. They were a refreshing new group that had a lot more going on than a can in their hand. We were only able to learn so much about them by using Surf for Brands, and you can do the same for any audience or industry you’re in or want to be a part of! Learn more about it here