Bringing You Up to Speed

We cannot believe that it has been over six months since we acquired Trufan. A lot has happened during the last few months and we wanted to take a moment to update you on everything that’s been happening with our company. 

Where We Started

The idea for Trufan came when our CEO Swish Goswami was asked a question by Mark Zablow, Social Media Manager for NBA All Star Chris Paul, “Do you have a tool Chris could use to find his most engaged fans in Houston?”

After this, Swish began building this company alongside his co-founder Aanikh Kler and founding members Scott Berty, CGO and Trevor Eastman, CFO. A Canadian company, our first offices were out of the Hootsuite offices in Vancouver. After securing funding from Round13 Capital, we moved across the country to Toronto, Canada where we now call home.

In November of 2019 we acquired Trufan and it helped propel us to becoming the world’s leading audience analytics platform. 

Changing Our Focus

At the time of the acquisition we had a total of six people on our team and we mainly focused on enterprise level clients. Today, our team sits at over 20 and we focus on servicing businesses of all sizes including SMBs.

We made it our goal to democratize social data and provide everyone with analytics that were previously only available to enterprise level clients. 

This shift was something that had been in the works for a while but the arrival of COVID-19 to North America, it only accelerated this transition. We knew that this time was going to be difficult for many businesses, especially small, local businesses that are the backbone of our economy. We launched an initiative focused on aiding these businesses and did the following: 

  • Hosted a monthly online zoom event alongside the Ryerson DMZ and global marketing agency RDB aimed at helping SMBs navigate these times. Each event offered the opportunity for digital networking and to hear from experts who have navigated businesses through previous periods of economic hardship. 
  • We integrated our platform into Hootsuite giving all 16M Hootsuite users (including 1.2M small business owners) the ability to see their top fans. 
  • We built our affordable plans for Trufan ranging from $24/month to $199/month and we gave SMBs under 25K followers our platform for free (for 45 days).

Where We’re Going

Today, our goal remains to democratize social media data and help SMBs find success in the digital world.

Starting at just $24/month, you can run a report on your followers, access market intel (over 10M audience reports), Cerebro (over 2 billion social profiles), and get an overview of your social audience! This low price point allows small businesses to start organizing their following and activating their most valuable followers. Click here to learn more.

We’ve also tested offering a free version of our platform in the past and will look to relaunch our free plans in the near future. 

On top of that, we want to help educate businesses on marketing and growing their business in an online world. To do that, we are building out a content plan with educational content geared towards different topics. Each month will feature the following: 

  • Blog posts providing tangible tips and advice.
  • Free, live trainings on how to better use Trufan to get results for your business
  • Interviews with industry experts on our Instagram
  • Navigating the Unknown Event, bringing successful entrepreneurs together to help you navigate your business
  • A brand new podcast to keep you informed with the latest news, tips and tactics for marketing your business online

There’s a lot to be excited about with Trufan right now and we are thrilled to have you on for the ride.