7 Influencer Marketing Tools to Make Your Next Campaign a Success

Looking for a little help with your next influencer marketing campaign? There are plenty of tools available to you to help you knock your next campaign out of the park.

Whether you’re looking for a better way to find influencers or analyze your campaign there are tons of platforms out there that you can use. We wanted to give you a list of 7 influencer marketing tools you can use to make your next campaign a success

Surf for Brands

Surf for Brands, by Surf is the premiere way for SMBs to source micro-influencers for their influencer marketing campaigns.

Surf for Brands allows you to not only sort through your audience and followers on social media but you can sort through your competitors' audience as well. With this data, you can activate your own fans and followers for influencer marketing campaigns or activate fans of your competitor. You can sort through all accounts by different metrics like most followed, most engaged, highest value and more.

Surf for Brands also has an incredible feature called Cerebro that allows you to filter through over one billion (with a B!) profiles on Instagram and Twitter to help you find influencers you wouldn’t have found otherwise. You might think that 1 billion is a lot of accounts to go through at once but with Surf for Brands you can filter down to the exact influencers you’re looking for with just a few quick clicks.

With backend data from both Instagram and Twitter, Surf for Brands allows you to review data and insights on public profiles allowing you to vet your influencers and ensure that you’re partnering with creators with an authentic audience.

Price: $2000/yearly

Talkwalker Influencer One

Talkwalker’s Influencer One service brings all of your influencer marketing campaign management under one program for your team.

Instead of organizing your campaign in different spreadsheets, Influencer One allows you to reach out to influencers directly in the platform. From there, you can manage your list of creators, organize your campaign, monitor conversations and campaign performance.

On top of that, Influencer One is a collaborative platform allowing your team to organize their campaigns together and keep everyone on the same page.

Price: $9600/yearly


Some brands leverage influencer marketing to create compelling content that they can share out on social media. Cohley is an influencer marketing platform that makes this easy. Its platform is designed specifically to connect brands with content creators to create more engaging content for social media.

You can go on to their platform and upload your campaign brief and then Cohley will show your platform to its list of influencers and content creators. These creators then have the opportunity to apply to work on your campaign. This means that when you’re selecting who to work, you’re choosing to work with people who have expressed interest in wanting to be a part of your campaign. This flips the traditional influencer marketing experience on its head, with creators choosing you instead of you choosing creators.

Price: Not Available


Tagger is a data driven influencer marketing platform. Not only does it allow you to search and filter through influencers and add them to a CRM but it also has tools in place to help you set up your campaign before you even start and it provides you with data for reporting once the campaign is over.

Before your campaign starts, Tagger provides you with data and analytics to make sure you’re making the right decisions with your campaign. You can look into insights on your brands audience and the way content is performing on various platforms but you can also measure and benchmark social engagement to help you determine what goals to set for your campaign.

Once your campaign is over, Tagger allows you to easily and automatically create fully customizable reports allowing you to review the success of your campaign in no time.

Price: Not Available


The number one way to get in contact with influencers is through their email or their manager's email. More often than not influencers have their email listed in either their bio or available on their account. But what do you do when they don’t? You use Hunter.

According to their website Hunter is the world’s most advanced email finding tool on the internet. How it works is you go on and enter in a person’s full name and the website of the company they work for and Hunter will search the internet for that person’s email and give it to you. If for some reason it can’t find it, Hunter will give you its best guess based on the company's email naming convention (ex:firstinnitiallastname@website.com).

This is a great way to find emails for agents and managers but also for for finding emails for members of the media. While not transitional influencers, members of the media still have influence over the public.

Price: Free


GroupHigh is one of the leaders in blog intelligence. Founded in 2010, the company allows you to filter 50 million blogs to find the best blogs to reach out to for an influencer marketing campaign. Their platform also works with the different social media platforms allowing you to source influencers and monitor your campaign across a creators website and social accounts.

GroupHigh also has the ability to include earned media value in your post campaign reports. This feature shows you an approximate value of how much it would have cost to pay for the impressions and engagements using paid advertising.

Price: $8,000/year

Micro-Influencers vs Celebrities

Not sure what to pay influencers when partnering with them for a campaign?

Influencer Marketing Hub has released a free tool that calculates how much micro-influencers should be charging you for a post based on their following and engagement rate. It then compares those numbers to how much some of the world’s biggest influencers charge for posts. While it’s cool to see this comparison, it’s a great tool to reference when negotiating with influencers.

If you’re wondering how they come up with the estimated cost per post, they “analysed 1,000,000+ influencer profiles across leading Influencer Marketing Platforms.”

Price: Free

There’s Plenty of Tools

When it comes to finding tools to help you with your next influencer marketing campaign, there are plenty of tools you can use. These few are just a couple that we’ve found that can help. We may be biased but if you can only pick one, we’d recommend Surf for Brands.