5 Types of People You’ll Find at a BBQ: A Report on the BBQ Audience

Where would our list of Audience Reports be without one that explores the BBQ Audience. As the pandemic is beginning to decline, interest in taking part in social events such as a BBQ is increasing rapidly. From brands like Traeger Grills and Weber Grills to influencers such as Jordan Morris and Rasheed Philips, the 10 Instagram handles we evaluated amounted to a combined and unique audience of 2.8 million followers that we believe best represented the BBQ Audience as a whole.

The bbq audience is comprised of - to no one’s surprise - foodies. Being primarily from the United States, the bbq audience is 75% male and 78% english-speaking. Of the bbq audience we evaluated, 87% of the accounts were public and 3,761 were verified.

Who could have guessed that there would be such a noticeable overlap between bbq and gaming? According to our research, 87.6k of our evaluated profiles have used the term “gamer” in a post. One Twitch partner states “there is nothing better than firing up the grill after a solid stream”.

The bbq audience is extremely body conscious, as some words like “fitness”, “workout”, and “health” were included in 28k posts, 38k posts, and 51k posts respectively. Considering the fact that WWE stars and “curve models” are following bbq accounts, it is clear that the bbq audience is more diverse than people would think.

In addition to the body conscious and the gamer, you would also be able to find the musician at the local bbq. With country music stars like Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean following a bbq account and rapper Post Malone following suit, the next cookout is bound to be a musical experience to remember.

Despite a cookout being a relaxing and peaceful event, the bbq audience has a real need for speed. Both the official Nascar and Harley Davidson accounts follow a bbq account, leaving a large amount of opportunity for marketers to capitalize on this relatively untapped market.

Finally, the bbq audience also includes the lifestyle eaters. Surprisingly, a large number of vegans and those with all-vegetable diets follow bbq accounts and are actively involved in cookouts.

All of this, and more, can be found inside the BBQ Audience Report, download below. Be sure to check out the other audience reports for fascinating insights and industry trends that can only be uncovered using Surf for Brands.