5 Reasons Why Brands Should Run Giveaways

Everybody wants to be a winner. In the marketing world where we’re all looking for ways to stand out, running a giveaway is one of the simplest ways to generate interest or reward your customers. Many marketers are missing out on some of the most powerful benefits of giveaway campaigns!

1. Generate compliant First-Party Data

By now we all are aware of the inevitable death of third-party cookies (RIP). As high quality first-party data is becoming increasingly significant by the day, digital marketers are scrambling to find solutions.

Running giveaways offers brands the unique ability to incentivize customers in exchange for their data.  Build custom entry methods to suit your KPI’s – from growing an email list or channel subscriptions, to running polls, merch store transactions and more custom actions.

2. Reward your community

21st century marketing means your customers and audience are not just the distant neighbours you see here and there. They are  the friends that have built a community to support you  by buying your products, engaging with content and more. And friendship is a two-way street. 

So what better way to nurture and strengthen your community than providing them with a prize offering? Community-building has become one of the most effective  marketing techniques, with good reason. Not only does it nurture the loyalty of  an existing customer-audience base but it also enables excellent word of mouth marketing.

3. Drive Traffic Engagement

With Ad space already competitive and pricey, brands need to put more emphasis into organic reach to get clicks. 

With Surf for Brands, you can easily create product/brand buzz through hosting giveaways. For example, offering something along the lines of a $250 dollar gift card, simply through linking entry methods tied directly to visit the new landing page of your product, or the YouTube video of your new campaign, easily incentivizes entrants and therefore drives traffic directly to these sites.

4. Tap into Overlapping Audiences through partnerships with Influencers

One of the simplest partnerships between a brand and creator is through running a sponsored giveaway. 

Teaming up with a micro or macro influencer within your industry allows you to tap into their audience and create huge opportunities to drive awareness to your brand. For example many creators take deals of free-product promotion. Where you (the brand) offer the creator your product/service for free as well as additional ones to offer to their audience in a giveaway where the entry methods can be possibly tied to your website, socials, etc! A real win-win scenario.

5. Meet and exceed your KPI goals

Through the above reasons it’s very clear that whatever your KPI for a certain product/content may have been, through implementing giveaways strategies you have the ability to drive a high surge of growth. 

We know what you’re thinking. Hosting a giveaway isa lot of work. You have to ensure compliance rules for age and location of entrants, as well as prize fulfillment, and many more potential headaches. 

The answer is very simple here at Surf for Brands: our giveaway/sweepstakes platform Surf Giveaways. Surf Giveaways is an end to end experience that has our hosts running GDPR and CCPA compliant giveaways in just minutes. 

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