Third-party cookies track user behaviour off your website and they are going away this year.
Surf Web Data provides ethically sourced consumer browsing data sourced from millions of data points a month.
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Understand Your Audience

Surf is a browser extension with 250,000+ users in the US, Canada, and UK that collects user opt-in zero-party data from real consumers. This data feeds into our dashboard which gives you insights into consumer browsing behaviour and pathways to purchase sourced from billions of data points every year.

Pathway to Purchase

Do you know the steps your customers take before coming to your website to make a purchase? Maybe there’s a blog driving traffic you don’t know about. Uncover the specifics of the user journey that were previously a mystery.

Audience Insights

Nothing tells you about a person more than the websites they visit. Looking to find what sites 20-24 year old females in New York City typically browse on Sunday evenings? We can show you all of this and more for any demographic through the data we collect.

over 50% of companies are not ready for a cookieless world…
Don't be one of them.
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Where Does the Data Come From?
All data collected comes from users of the Surf browser extension. Our browser extension enables users to opt in to earning rewards in exchange for their anonymous browsing data. The extension is currently available in multiple countries around the world and collects more than a billion data points a year.
All of our data is ethically sourced, safe for users to share, and 100% compliant with all privacy rules and regulations in the countries Surf is available.