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Here’s How We Do it

Connecting Brands and Audiences

Surf’s social data provides brands with an end-to-end ability to identify and filter their best audiences to drive growth. Discover target audiences and the best path to gaining their attention.

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Activate your fans, don't just collect them like baseball cards."

- Jay Baer, author of Convince and Convert

Filter, then follow through

Find the groups and individuals you’re after, with intelligent filters. Make sense of follower data, discover trends in your audience and even the audiences of others. Filter profiles to match the criteria you’re after. Looking for a high value audience of girl gamers who also follow beauty brands and K-pop? No problem, we can help you find that.


Build Valuable Audiences

Zero in on the exact profiles that move the needle for you, and then find others just like them.


Analyze Audience Segments and Discover New Ones

Discover untapped audiences through filtering and sorting, broad and niche - to help you amplify your marketing efforts.


Discover Audience Trends and Insights

Real time data helps you uncover insights and overlaps with your own audience, industries, competitors and more.

See it in action

Examine audiences from great heights or hyper-specific filtering to discover brand affiliations, potential micro and macro influencers to partner with, and speak to consumers in a way that resonates with them. Discover what works best, and then double down on those efforts.


How UTA leveraged Surf for Brands to Identify and Reward Top Fans

Bleacher Report

How Bleacher Report worked with Surf for Brands to analyze their audience & identify partnership opportunities.

Most Wanted Co

How Most Wanted Co Used Surf for Brands bio keywords filter to identify audiences within their sphere of influence.

Four Communications

How Four Communications used Surf for Brands in finding potential audiences for their clientele.

Kelsey Chapman's Experience


The ability to filter my audience using Surf Analytics was a game-changer in the success of my recent book. I was able to reach out to people of influence who already followed me with a personal invite to join my book launch team. It allowed me to get advanced copies into their hands, and spread the word through affiliate marketing. I am so grateful I found Surf for Business because it seamlessly allowed me to connect with my most engaged followers and build a trusted team to help me spread the message of my book far and wide







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