Engage Consumers using
Surf through rewards!

The Surf Extension

Surf is a browser extension that rewards people for their everyday browsing and helps them save when shopping from their favourite brands. With a fast growing user base (on pace to be at 800,000 users by the end of 2022), Surf has the unique opportunity to expose brands of all sizes to tens of thousands of engaged consumers that are accumulating points daily for their data and are looking to spend it on gift-cards and coupons.

Some of Our Early Brand
Partners Include:

What working with us looks like:


Brands provide codes or gift cards to be featured as rewards in the Surf extension and marketplace, where Surf users can redeem the points they receive from browsing.


When codes or gift cards are redeemed and spent by the user, Surf receives 10% of the sub-total. Surf does not receive a percentage if the user redeems a code or gift card for a purchase at or lower than the code or card value. (ex. If a user redeems a $10 off code towards a $40 purchase, Surf will receive 10% of $30.)


Free customer acquisition! There is no upfront cost to become a Surf rewards partner, meaning you have nothing to lose. Our partners don’t pay anything unless the code is redeemed and used by the end consumer.


Early brand partners will have their one-time setup fee waived. Partner brands will be promoted through Surf’s social channels and newsletter, plus have their rewards on sale to incentivize users.

We have built a model to make sure that we only benefit when our partners do. We are creating a movement of consumers who are looking to take ownership of their data and benefit from it.

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