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Reward your users and maximize savings like never before with a subsidized rewards marketplace featuring rewards from over 100 top brands.

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Reduce Reward Spend

Reward your users and save money with Surf's Rewards Marketplace featuring 120+ partners across multiple categories. With easy integration you can plug in and offer consumer rewards at no cost.

Easy Redemption Flow

Our redemption API and customizable email templates allow your users to effortlessly redeem their rewards with a hassle-free and personalized redemption process.

Simple Integration

Our dashboard makes it easy for you to manage the rewards marketplace and track redemptions.

Reward Users Around the Globe

Our extensive catalog is accessible worldwide, ensuring that no matter where your users are located, they can access your rewards store.

Real-Time Reporting

With our advanced reporting features, you can monitor user redemptions and entries in real-time, ensuring you have up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips.

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We have a straightforward pricing system that is dynamic based on your needs.

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