The 2011-2012 SURF Journal is online now! Check out our solutions to contemporary issues in US-Russia relations.
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Call for Applications 2014-15!
May 3, 2014
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Moscow Conference online
Oct 11, 2013
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SURF'13 is held with the support of Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund [More]
Lunch Keynote 4/17
Mar 5, 2013
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Former U.S. Secretary of Defense William J. Perry will be delivering the lunch keynote on April 17, 2013. [More]
SURF 2011-2012 Journal Online!
Jan 31, 2013
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The 2011-2012 SURF Journal is online now! Check out our solutions to contemporary issues in US-Russia relations. [More]
2010-2011 SURF Journal article number 3 of 10
Jan 21, 2013
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An article about the joint efforts of the US and Russia to combatting drugs in Afghanistan, written by 2010-2011 SURF delegates! [More]
2010 SURF Journal Article 2 of 10
Jan 19, 2013
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Enjoy "Creating an Innovation- Friendly Environment in Russia: Recommendations for the Skolkovo Foundation," written by SURF delegates from 2010! [More]
What challenges should Russia and the U.S. focus on to overcome mutual distrust?
What do you think is the current status of US-Russia relations?
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2012 US Presidential Elections
Sep 19, 2012

With US Election 2012 in full swing, the race to the White House is heating up. Some of the most ferocious fighting is being fought across social media, as candidates look to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to engage potential voters.

Despite fatigue over hearing the same tiring promises and backstabbing political ads over and over again, American voters are still sharing Obama and Romney's ads at record speed—leading to hundreds of thousands of shares per week.

What better way to keep up with all the sharing action than through Unruly's handy infographic? This definitive tool, which will update twice a day until Election Day (November 6), tracks the total number of shares across social media, as well as views and comments on YouTube.

It also shows the 10 most-shared clips for each candidate over the past seven days. Currently, Obama leads Romney more than two to one in YouTube views, and more than three to two in total shares.

SURF is planning to conduct research examining all the reasons why Obama’s online videos are more successful than Romney’s.